1. Saturday February 3rd
    Saturday February 3rd
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Homebrewing For Beginners
11am - 3pm  $50

Join us for the Homebrewing for Beginners class for a hands on demonstration of the basics. At the end of the class you will have the knowledge to confidently begin brewing at home. Attendees will learn the critical skills needed to create a batch of beer including boiling, adding hops, chilling, sanitizing, and pitching yeast. The class will also learn how to bottle a 5 gallon batch of beer including adding priming sugar, sanitizing bottles, crimping crowns, and bottle conditioning. Attendees will also take home a detailed outline to walk you through all of  the key steps.
Classes are taught by local homebrew sensation Karl Weiss - a mechanical engineer, obsessive homebrewer, beer judge, and homebrewing instructor!

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