Water makes up the largest portion of our beer, but is often the most overlooked ingredient...

A few simple adjustments are all it takes to take your homebrew to the next level!

We Can Test Your Water!

Base Testing - $35

Base Testing Results Include:

     pH                Calcium          Total Alkalinity
     Sulfate        Magnesium    Total Hardness
     Sodium       Chloride          Residual Alkalinity

Analysis A - $15

We will use our expertise to provide you with adjustment recommendations for 3 styles/types of beer of your choosing.  Included are target profiles and a breakdown of additives that are needed

Analysis B - $10

You will provide us with all of the necessary particulars relating to your personal recipe and will give you a customized analysis.  This package is more specific than the general recommendations of package A
**A 16oz water sample is required for all tests.  The sample should come from the same tap that is used for brewing.  We can provide you an uncontaminated container or you can bring your sample in the vessel of your choosing.  To ensure best results, rinse the vessel thoroughly with the source of water and run the tap for at least 5 minutes before taking the sample.

Cask & Kettle Homebrew does not guarantee that your sample will yield usable results.  In the event that your water is not satisfactory for brewing purposes, we will provide you with suggestions on how to proceed.**